Our success and company history.

Organic Handmade Skin & Hair care products formulated using Srilankan Ayurveda medicines.


Ruwan Pharmaceutical Industries is one of the first few companies which was formed in Sri Lanka to produce Ayurvedic Products. The Company was found in year 1973 as a manufacturer and distributor of Ayurvedic medicinal products. The founder of the Company is Late Dr. D.C. Ruwanpathirana who was also the first Medical Officer at Nawinna Ayurvedha Research Institute (established during 1960s). He retired as the medical superintend in year 1972. After his retirement Dr. D.C Ruwanpathirana wanted to serve his country further with the knowledge he has on Ayurvedic medicine. Bearing this great idea in mind he laid the foundation stones on Ruwan Pharmaceutical Industries. Dr. Ruwanpathirana had a challenging and inspiring corporate philosophy for the Company that is to provide innovative, safe and effective Herbal healthcare products and herbal skin care products that are of exceptionally high integrity.

With the death of Dr. D.C. Ruwanpathirana, the business operations of Ruwan Pharmaceutical Industries were discontinued. But his son continued his researches to keep the legacy of his father and after 11 years he found secret formulas used by Dr. D.C. Ruwanpathirana. Then he started manufacturing herbal products which are derived from those ancient natural formulas used by his father and it was re-branded as BISEKA skin care herbal products.

Indigenous Medicine

Ayurveda, meaning ‘the science of life’ is considered to be the oldest healing science in the world. Sri Lanka is a country of rich heritage, one of which is its indigenous system of Medicine, which has been practiced by the people since time immemorial. This ancient practice focuses on prevention of disease through a deeper connection between the mind and the body; on a state of total health based on vigor, energy and balance. Beauty has always been an important physical aspect for human.

Especially females. One area which makes Ayurveda beauty care unique is not considered as an external factor (look), but Ayurveda considers beauty care as a Holistic approach (internal and external) which is achieved through detoxification as well as rejuvenation. For those who are anxiously on the lookout for and seeking genuine Organic Skin Care products.

Fresh Handmade Ayurveda Skin & Hair Care Products from Biseka

Biseka manufacture all our products hygienically and carefully by hand in small batches with natural organic skin care & hair care ingredients. These ingredients are safer, nontoxic; harmless to your skin, than synthetic (chemical) counterparts used in large scale industries for cost efficiency purposes. We guarantee that all our Biseka products contain almost 60-100% herbal extracts. Therefore, we ensure the quality of the final product that you buy is purely natural; healthy as it can be. Generally, well marketed so called; HERBAL; products in the market certifies that their products are HERBAL; NATURAL, however lacks the proper proof related to its authenticity. It is bit of a controversy within the beauty care field, which it is unrealistic for a mass-produced product to be entirely natural. But with BISEKA we do not only certify the quality of our product but also do possess the legal registry under the Ministry of Indigenous medicine ( 6/2/1/01/95)


Our Presentation

Organic Handmade Skin & Hair care products formulated using Srilankan Ayurveda medicines.


BISEKA Natural handmade ayurveda cosmetics